what we do

At MSG, we conceive, develop and assemble seats for automotive vehicles. Seats that stand out for their robustness, lightness and comfort because they are the result of years of experience in the production of metallic structures, ergonomic studies and a constant study of the market.
MSG focus in optimization goes even further: the operational excellence is oriented for the optimization of the processes to ensure that our customers have the best cost efficiency.


what drives us

At MSG we believe in presenting our customers solutions with low investment cost and that are the best solution in terms of quality/cost relation. We are only able to do that thanks to the versatile approach we have for every project we undertake. This way, we are able to easily adapt them to each customers’ specification.
From conception to development and assembly MSG strives to ensure that our customers have a full service. We believe that working in an integrated manner leads to simplification, cost reduction and reduced delivery times. As we also believe that the quality of our products is only possible thanks to a cohesive team where the knowledge of those who have worked several years in the automotive business crosses with our young engineers’ innovative spirit.

// our history

Founded in 1939, Manuel Soares Gonçalves specialized in coach building and car transformations. In the 1950’s the company was a pioneer in Portugal in the construction of refrigerated vehicles for SAPP. In that same decade Manuel Soares Gonçalves started transforming the first generation of the Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) into ambulances and other types of vehicles.