// about us

MSG dedicates itself to the conception and development of seats for the automotive industry, either prototyping or serial production, as well as engineering project in the field of mobility, always making sure our products have added value for our customers.



our mission

To supply engineering solutions that satisfy the specific needs of our customers in particular and the automotive sector in general. To develop long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, to create projects that contribute to the development of the sector, always guided through the best practices in terms of sustainability.


our vision

To be a reference in the development of engineering projects in the mobility sector.


our costumers

We work for several benchmark automotive brands always with the focus of helping our customers to be the best in a highly competitive market, through the quality of the products we develop.

// our history

Founded in 1939, Manuel Soares Gonçalves specialized in coach building and car transformations. In the 1950’s the company was a pioneer in Portugal in the construction of refrigerated vehicles for SAPP. In that same decade Manuel Soares Gonçalves started transforming the first generation of the Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) into ambulances and other types of vehicles.

In the 1950’s and the 1960’s they landed British Leyland as a customer and did the transformation of their Austin, Morris, Triumph and Leyland 3 seater vans into 9 seater busses. Also in the 1960’s the company started doing the trimmings and seats (both structures and upholstery) for the Mini and other models.
In 1981, M. Soares Gonçalves is founded as the commercial company of IETA group but also devoting itself to the sale of spare parts for bus seats.

In 2011, the company became a full-time engineering company and started doing projects for companies like GTA Coach, JD Martins, BetaEpsilon, Alfazero, Bee Bee Automotive, CEiiA and IETA.
MSG has the support of Compete 2020, an initiative that aims to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs, cofinancing projects falling within the scope of qualification and innovation.