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The need of our customers to have products that standout is never forgotten. To optimize and create new ideas, it is necessary to be aware of the various demands in the automotive market and to the growing demands of the consumer.
Investigation, study and research are the foundation tools of the work we develop.



With the recent growth of the electric vehicle market, the need for lightweight seats has never been more pertinent. Lighter seats translate into a better performance which in turn represents a competitive advantage for any vehicle.


Comfort and Ergonomics

In the work we develop, nothing is left to chance. Inspired by nature, the shape and weight of the human body and based on anthropometric studies, we produce ergonomic seats that provide the occupants absolute comfort while seated.


Style and Functionality

Design is a key concept of what we do. We work having always our costumers’ needs in mind, as well as the users’. It is with this purpose that we create products in which we maximize the quality/cost relationship, choosing innovative materials that are capable of allying comfort and style, using state of the art technology to optimize the manufacturing process. The final result is a range of products that standout and that add value to our customers.



All projects developed at MSG have one thing in common: versatility. In doing so, we are capable of giving our customers low investment solutions because our projects are easily adaptable to the different needs of each costumer for their own products.
Electric vehicles are a good example of the versatility inherent to MSG, since the electric components occupy quite some space, which means the seats have to be adaptable and the solutions flexible.

Bee Bee – Electronic Car


Innovation and Technology

To optimize means to always bring something new. The focus on innovation across the board, from conception to the choice of materials, as well as the use of cutting edge technology for manufacturing the seats, allows us to always be ahead, producing seats that meet all the requirements of our customers, always having the highest quality standards as our reference. Our technological partners are fundamental in the entire process, of which we highlight CEIIA, FADEUP and INEGI.